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= General Tips and Tricks =
 * ListOfOptions - How to see the list of available options for your setup.py script
 * RunningSetup - How to run the setup script once you've written it
 * EncodingsAgain - Problem with encodings and when they are not found in a standalone executable
 * EvenMoreEncodings - They really keep bugging. Solution to problem with different site.py
 * AddingConfigFiles - How can you add arbitrary files to your py2exe-Setup?
 * PathModul - Using Jason Orendorffs python PathModul together with py2exe 0.5
 * PassingOptionsToPy2Exe - Avoid using sys.argv to pass options
 * SubclassingPy2Exe - Customizing the build process
 * CustomIcons - How to get your own icons with py2exe 0.5
 * TkInter - I do not need any tkinter / tcl-Libs in my Setup
 * FilenameCaseMatters - Some windows filing systems mangle case, break py2exe programs
 * WinBatch - A short Windows Batch File to fast provide the EXE File
 * ExcludingDlls - Stopping py2exe from picking up unwanted DLLs
 * ShippingEmbedded - How to use py2exe to ship embedded Python modules
 * SingleFileExecutable - with NSIS
 * OptimizedBytecode - How to get optimized bytecode for all modules
 * CustomDataInExe - Add custom data in the executable?
 * HowToDetermineIfRunningFromExe - Simple functions to determine if you're in an .exe or .py
 * [[WhereAmI]] - sometimes you need to now where your exe is within the filesystem
 * Py2exeEnvironment - Information about the environment for the executable
 * [[py2exeAndWindowsServices]] - some gained knowledge
 * GuiApps - dealing with stdout
 * StderrLog - How does py2exe handle stack track printing and STDERR? How can Ichange that behaviour?
 * [[py2exeAndSOAPpy]] - How to get SOAPpy working with py2exe.
 * [[http://pybuilder.sf.net|PyBuilder]] - A Gui interface to compile easier and faster.
 * OverridingCriteraForIncludingDlls - how to override the criteria that py2exe uses to determine whether a DLL should be included in the distributed package.
 * DealingWithImportError - what to do if confronted with `ImportError: No module named ...`
 * DealingWithWarnings - what to do to avoid warnings in windows (no console) mode getting into application errors.
 * OptimizingSize - how to make your distribution as small as possible
 * [[comparison.py]] - a quick script for finding missing files, packages, and modules.

General Tips and Tricks

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