Avoid sys.argv to pass options to py2exe

Many users write a special setup script for py2exe that simply can be run to build the exe, without the need to specify command line options by hand, each time. That means that "includes", "excludes" options etc have to be passed in some way to py2exe.

The setup() function accepts a options keyword argument, containing a dictionary with the options. This is superior to appending options to sys.argv as the transformation of the data to a string and back is avoided as well as mutiple setup() calls per file are possible.

Note that the long name of options has to be used and '-' in the command line options become '_' in the dictionary (e.g. "dist-dir" becomes "dist_dir").

opts = {
    "py2exe": {
        "includes": "mod1, mod2",
        "dist_dir": "bin",

And pass it to the setup script:

    options = opts,

Avoid using setup parameters that are py2exe-specific

Instead of passing options like console, windows to setup(), you can subclass Distribution and initialize them as follows:

from distutils.core import Distribution
class MyDistribution(Distribution):
    def __init__(self, attrs):
        self.com_server = []
        self.services = []
        self.windows = []
        self.console = ['myapp']
        self.zipfile = 'mylibrary.zip'
        Distribution.__init__(self, attrs)


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