Running the setup script

Editors note: this recipe has been posted by Mike C. Fletcher to comp.lang.python

Open a command-prompt window. (You'll find the command-prompt's icon in "Start|Programs" or "Start|Programs|Accessories", it may be called "MSDOS Prompt".)

Switch to the directory where your file is (use the shell's cd command to move between directories, you can use the "dir" command to see what files are in the current directory to confirm that the file is present),

P:\>cd OpenGLContext

 Volume in drive P is DATASTORE
 Volume Serial Number is 74A4-1C80

 Directory of P:\OpenGLContext

27/01/2004  06:01p               3,853
               1 File(s)          3,853 bytes
               0 Dir(s)  11,575,771,136 bytes free

*then* run:

python py2exe --help

from that command prompt. You may need to specify the full path to python if you haven't added your python installation directory to the path, something like:

P:\OpenGLContext>c:\bin\lang\py23\python.exe py2exe

depending on where you installed python.

HTH, and good luck, Mike


Create a batch file that you can run from Windows Explorer. Here is a copy of my make_exe.bat file (under WinXP):

rem *** Used to create a Python exe 

rem ***** get rid of all the old files in the build folder
rd /S /Q build

rem ***** create the exe
c:\Python23\python py2exe

rem **** pause so we can see the exit codes
pause "done...hit a key to exit"

I keep a copy of this file in each folder where I have a Python app that I want to make into an exe. To create the exe, open up the folder in Windows Explorer and double click on the "make_exe.bat" file. I find this to be much easier than working in the DOS command line environment.

trick submitted by Frank Wilder

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