I use wxPython for my GUI. Modulefinder / py2exe nonetheless decides that tkinter and tcl have to be included in my distribution.


??? I would like one, really. And I found one, with help of Thomas: I included SimpleXMLServer, which itself has a conditional import of pydoc, which has a conditional import of tkinter. But conditional or not, I do not want tkinter in my distribution. So I staid with my solution ham 2004-02-01

I have tried removing the pydoc import in SimpleXMLServer, but py2exe keeps importing tcl. So it must be something else. -- Dody Wijaya


Extend the exclusions

   1 excludes = ["pywin", "pywin.debugger", "pywin.debugger.dbgcon",
   2             "pywin.dialogs", "pywin.dialogs.list", 
   3             "Tkconstants","Tkinter","tcl"
   4             ]

the relevant line is


HAM 20040127

Amendment if you're using PIL

I'm using PIL in my application and it has a bunch of Tk files and dependencies in it which aren't explicitly necessary if you're not using Tk.

Per  The-Fixer  in  #python , changing my Python app extension from  .py  to  .pyw  got rid of many of the additional modules being included. Eir's not sure why, and I'm not either, but it makes a difference to py2exe. There are still a handful of files laying around, though. Although they only add up to about 11K (and less when zipped), it's the principle of the thing. :)

To really clean house, along with the three excludes listed above, add the following to your  to get rid of the remaining rogue elements.

            "_imagingtk", "PIL._imagingtk", "ImageTk", "PIL.ImageTk", "FixTk"

Yes, you do have to double up on the definitions. You can also now change your extension back to  .py  if you want; that makes no difference after you exclude all of the above.

Thanks for the help!

-- Vito Miliano, 2005/04/16

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