SOAPpy and py2exe

When working with SOAPpy 0.12.0 (and Python 2.4.x), py2exe achieves to retrieve all the modules (pyXML, fpconst, SOAPpy) except for the drivers. This results in having an exception during execution with the message "No Parsers Found".

A way to solve this is to add explicitly the path to the drivers (_xmlplus.sax.drivers2.*) into the py2exe options. For exemple :

    options = {"py2exe": { "compressed": 1,
                           "optimize": 2,
                           "ascii": 1,
                           "bundle_files": 1,
                           "includes": [ "encodings.utf_8", "_xmlplus.sax.drivers2.*" ] }},
    zipfile = None,
    windows = [MyAppWithSOAP]

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