Release Process

This page is for the developers/maintainers. It contains the steps involved in making a new public release of py2exe.

  1. Change the __version__ string in py2exe\

  2. Update ANNOUNCE (be sure to change the version number on the first line)

  3. Update copyright date in docs\license.txt and

  4. Update docs\py2exe.txt

  5. Run docs\html.cmd to generate html

  6. Commit above files to svn
  7. Run build.cmd to build for all versions of Python

  8. Install for all versions of Python (test\reinstall.cmd can help)

  9. Run test\ to ensure everything works

  10. Tag all files in svn as release_x_y_z where x_y_z is py2exe.___version___

  11. Create a File Release on SourceForge (use py2exe.___version___ as the release name)

  12. Run docs\updateweb.cmd to publish website

  13. Run register to update the Python Package Index

  14. Update News

  15. Send ANNOUNCE to py2exe-users, comp.lang.python, comp.lang.python.announce

  16. Change the __version__ string in py2exe\ to a development version to distinguish it from released versions

  17. Commit above file to svn

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