As of PyOpenGL 3.0, add the following to any of your python files to get py2exe to work.

from ctypes import util
    from OpenGL.platform import win32
except AttributeError:

The following was not necessary for me.

PyOpenGL is a set of Python bindings for the OpenGL graphical rendering library. It has a page on how to compile with py2exe, but it is outdated. Here's how I made it work for me, although it is quite wasteful in space.

I think that's what did the trick for me, now . If you need funky stuff like TK, WGL, or OpenGLContext, maybe the original tutorial by PyOpenGL helps.

Tested with Python 2.6, py2exe version 0.6.9 and PyOpenGL version 3.0.0.

--- Bram Geron

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