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The py2exe distribution contains a sample named hello.py together with a setup script to build an executable. The script can be used to explore the differences in the runtime environments between the Python script, run with the Python interpreter, and the executable.

special attributes of the sys module

  • sys.path contains only a single entry: the full pathname of the shared code archive.

  • sys.prefix contains the directory name of the shared code archive.

  • sys.executable is set to the full pathname of the exe-file.

  • The first item in sys.argv is the full pathname of the executable, the rest are the command line arguments.

  • sys.frozen only exists in the executable. It is set to "console_exe" for a console executable, to "windows_exe" for a console-less gui executable, and to "dll" for a inprocess dll server.

  • sys.frozendllhandle only exists in inproc dll servers, it is set to the numerical value of the win32 dll handle.


  • __file__ is not defined (you might want to use sys.argv[0] instead)

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