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py2exe 0.6.6 released (2006/12/30)

Better support for Python 2.5.

Experimental support for 64-bit builds of Python on win64.

Better ISAPI support.

New samples for ISAPI and COM servers.

Support for new "command-line styles" when building Windows services.

py2exe 0.6.5 released (2006/03/20)

Fixed modulefinder / mf related bugs introduced in 0.6.4. This will be most evident when working with things like win32com.shell and xml.xpath.

Files no longer keep read-only attributes when they are copied as this was causing problems with the copying of some MS DLLs.

py2exe 0.6.4 released (2006/02/13)

New skip-archive option which copies the Python bytecode files directly into the dist directory and subdirectories - no archive is used.

An experimental new custom-boot-script option which allows a boot script to be specified (e.g., --custom-boot-script=cbs.py) which can do things like installing a customized stdout blackhole. See py2exe's boot_common.py for examples of what can be done. The custom boot script is executed during startup of the executable immediately after boot_common.py is executed.

Thomas Heller's performance improvements for finding needed modules.

Mark Hammond's fix for thread-state errors when a py2exe created executable tries to use a py2exe created COM DLL.

py2exe 0.6.3 released (2005/10/06)

dll-excludes is now available on the command line and can be used to exclude msvcr71.dll and w9xpopen.exe.

A bug that caused py2exe to crash when copying extension modules in packages was fixed.

py2exe 0.6.2 released (2005/09/07)

Several important bugfixes.

For Python 2.4, MSVCR71.dll is now copied into the dist directory. This dll cannot be bundled into the executable, sorry.

py2exe 0.6.1 released (2005/09/05)

Can now create single file executables.

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